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We help organizations and individual professionals to build competence through exceptional learning in many areas of business, soft skills, and office productivity tools. If you are a professional in any industry or represent a small, mid-sized, or large enterprise, we have systems designed to help you gain knowledge and acquire requisite skills that will help you succeed.


Become more productive

Become more valuable

Build your career

Build your confidence

Small & Mid-sized  Enterprises

Increase efficiency

Decrease need for supervision

Improve employee morale

Improve staff retention

Large Enterprises

Boost business performance

Improve service experience

Prepare for business growth

Create future leaders

What we do
Classroom Learning

We run small, highly interactive classes giving every participant maximum exposure to learning. Using experiential learning approach, we provide an enriching learning experience either in our facility or in-company.

Blended Learning

We bring together the best of both classroom learning and e-learning, offering learners the best bits from each learning style. This results to relevant, high-impact learning where you interact yet have flexibility.


We provide learning with some form of interactivity but high level of convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness.This learning style is ideal for you if you don't mind trading off high level of interactivity for speed and cost.



Our Classroom Courses
  • Managing Technical Professionals

    All managers face challenges, but managers of technical professionals face an additional and unique blend of challenges. Whether it is scientists, engineers, health professionals, or architects the nature of technical professionals and their work requires a second set of management tactics. Learn tips and tricks on how to manage, lead, motivate, and communicate effectively with teams focused on solving highly complex issues.   Audience: Managers and supervisors (of tec...

  • Delivering Service Excellence

    Service is a combination of the customers’ experience and their perception of the outcome of the service.   Customer experience is the customer’s direct experience of the service process or product acquisition process. It is the way the customer is treated by an organization. The organization’s customer-facing staff, its environment, technology, and facilities play key roles in shaping customer experience.   Service outcome means the overall ...

  • Communication Skills For Technical Pros

    In today's fast-paced world, professionals have to be able to get their point across quickly or they won't be effective. To succeed in this type of environment, technical professionals need effective communication skills to accompany their technical prowess. The ability to communicate, cooperate, coordinate, resolve differences and persuade others effectively will determine success as much as the ability to perform the technical aspects of the job. This program will help tech...

  • Managing Teams

    Great products and services are made and delivered by great teams. In other words, teams rather than individuals are doing more work. Hence, whether the focus is on service, quality, cost, value, or other similar goals, teams are the critical units that support most organizations.   With teams at the core of corporate strategy, success as an organization can often depend on how well its teams operate and the kind of results they achieve. Are the teams able to solve pro...

  • Business Etiquette and Common Courtesy

    Do manners matter? You bet. A company without common courtesies gives potential and existing customers the wrong reasons to not like them and in return experiences decline in loyalty and patronage. If your company is going to give people a reason to not like them, it should be a substantial one – not ill manners from employees.   On an individual level, when you don’t use manners and common courtesy, it shows a lack of consideration and professionalism...

  • Business Process Management

    Business process management helps organizations leverage processes to achieve their goals and be successful. Once processes are implemented, they must be monitored, evaluated, and optimized to make sure they are still meeting the goals that they were designed to accomplish. A business that can successfully manage its processes is able to maintain a competitive edge, while increasing productivity and efficiency and decreasing costs.   This course will introduce you to b...

  • Motivating Teams to be Their Best

    Setting goals, motivating team members to achieve them, and recognizing them for their achievement is a proven method that pushes business forward and is one of the best examples of extrinsic motivation in a company. In other words, it’s important to reward people that achieved their goals and equally have consequences for underachievers. However, if you only attempt to extrinsically motivate your team, you will be faced with some difficulties.   Extrinsic motiva...

  • Dynamic Decision Making

    Using a case study approach, this course offers straightforward, easy-to-follow process designed to improve the way you make business decisions or any decision that can help you reach your goal. Our  decisions and choices shape our professional and personal lives. Sadly, decision-making is seldom taught as a skill in its own right. This course will present a clear process and user-friendly techniques for  making smart choices.   Audience: Managers , Team...

  • Time Management

    Many time management systems exist and numerous productivity books and courses attempt to impose one system or the other on their audience. These systems prove to be effective at first, but seem to get forgotten over time and people fall back to their bad habits once more. Over time, as more systems are learned and tested, there comes a sense of pessimism with consequent belief that no matter what time management system is used, the result is never good.   At Paradigm ...

  • The Art of Successful Selling

    Over time, the world has gone though a major development frenzy leading to the production of the vast number of products and services that we enjoy today.   As the number of products, ideas and concepts have increased, so is the need to inform and convince others of their benefits and applications to personal and professional lives. Sales skills therefore have become a vital part of any successful business and organization. The sophisticated sales industry active today...

  • Complete Email Marketing

    Email is an important but often underestimated means of marketing your products and services. It is cost effective, immediate, relevant, and measurable.   Of all the digital marketing channels, email marketing is one of the few you can start implementing right away without needing any additional technical help. Besides, reach and engagement statistics show that it drives more conversions than other marketing channels.   However, beyond sending mass emai...

  • Marketing Skills

    Globalization has led to a mature market which is flooded with products and services of all types developed in various parts of the world. The availability of a lot of products and services means that customers have many choices. Customers never had it so good. Now they can explore a variety of competing products and services, consider buying them from a variety of sources, online or offline.   All this means that those who want to sell in this increasingly crowded mar...

  • Supervisory Skills

    Making the move to a supervisory role can be demanding and somewhat daunting. For most people, the required skills for supervising others do not come naturally which means they need to learn and apply this new skill systematically.   Also, many of the people who find themselves in a position where they are responsible for tasking others, don’t realize they are now in a supervisory role. So they fail to effectively work 'through' the team.   Furthermore, wi...

  • Handling Complaints

    Complaint handling is an essential and useful skill. When your customer is complaining, you have a great opportunity to see yourself from another’s point of view. This feedback can prove to be invaluable and the handling of such criticism can do wonders for the image and productivity of your business.   The way you handle a complaint is far more important than the solution you provide. Indeed, research shows that skilled handling can lead to long term customer lo...

  • Team Building

    Great products and services are made and delivered by great teams. Working in a successful and happy team is extremely satisfying. The cooperative atmosphere, the ease of achieving big results and the sense of significance of belonging to a successful team is very appealing. Working as part of such optimal teams is the dream of any individual and organization.   This course focuses on transforming a group of people to a team of motivated individuals who work smoothly t...

  • Digital Marketing That Works

        Course Overview No matter how successful your traditional marketing program is, if your products and/or services are not present at the places and at the times that your buyers are, then you’re losing out on potential business.   Today, most people solve problems by turning to the web. As they search the internet for answers to their problems, as they browse blogs and social media and web sites for ideas, they are looking for what businesses ...

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