What Customers Really Want...

When your customer does not return, what your organization loses is not just the money for the next transaction but the total revenue the customer would have brought to your organization across their entire relationship with you. This is a huge loss, which is even more when you imagine this scenario for multiple customers.


All this starts when the services provided do not meet the customer’s expectations. And it’s primarily because many employees:


-Do not understand what customers really want


-Understand what customers want but do not know how to deliver it


-Understand what customers want, know how to deliver it, but have bad attitude


This course is designed to address these issues. It will help employees understand, from first principles, what customers really want. It does not stop there. It goes a step further to help them master how to deliver it to make customers satisfied. But since it’s not enough to make customers just satisfied, the course goes another step to arm employees with the skills required to make customers highly satisfied so they return repeatedly.


Unlike the typical customer service training, this one goes beyond learning the niceties of front desk service to explore the concepts and culture of service excellence and how to translate them into every behavior and action that employees understand. It is not designed just for those who have direct interaction with external customers but also for those who contribute in producing service outcomes.


It explores the lifetime value of a customer, the cost of poor service, value from the customer’s perspective, and all other concepts that help change the attitude of participants towards service.


Delivered in different formats, this highly valuable course offers an optimal blend of all the key skills your employees must possess if you’re to stop the losses associated with substandard service, and build your business around the element that matters most – loyal customers.

Training Objectives

After completing this course, participants will:


-Master the basic principles of service


-Understand what customers really want


-Be able to build service standards for their organization


-Be able to deliver what customers want


-Make their customers loyal


-Be able to assess the current performance of their organization in terms of service


-Together with co-employees,  be able to move their organizations to a world class status


-Apply effective recovery strategies when things go wrong


-Have the right attitude towards service to customers


-Understand value from the customer’s perspective and apply effective techniques to increase it beyond the reach of competitors

Course Outline

Session 1: Course Overview

-Learning Objectives


-Pre-Course Assessment


Session 2: Understanding Service

-What service means

-Who is your customer?

-Lifetime value of a customer

-Practice: Estimating lifetime value


Session 3: The Service Concept

-Understanding the service concept

-Customer experience

-Service outcome

-Benefits, Emotions, Judgments and Intentions

-Case Exercise


Session 4: Controlling Customer Experience

-“Moment of Truth”






Session 5: Controlling Service Outcome

-Service processes





Session 6: Where My Organization Stands

-The service matrix

-Analyzing the service matrix

-In which quadrant is your organization currently?

-Where would you want your organization to be?


Session 7: Building Service Standards

-So, what do customers really want?

-Translating to service standards

-Developing your service standards

-Practice: Your service standards


Session 8: Achieving Loyalty

-Why satisfied customers are not loyal

-The relationship between satisfaction and loyalty

-Ideal relationship

-Real relationship

-The pathway to loyalty

-Case: The car servicing


Session 9: When Things Go Wrong

-Poor service

-The cost of poor service

-Handling customer complaints

-Service recovery

-The impact of recovery on loyalty


Session 10: The Value Perspective

-The concept of value

-Understanding value from customers’ perspective

-The ingredients of value

-Increasing value for the customer


Session 11: A Personal Action Plan

-Starting Point

-Key Things I Learned

-What I Want to Improve on the Job

-How I Will Do It


-Post-Course Assessment