Managing Technical Professionals
All managers face challenges, but managers of technical professionals face an additional and unique blend of challenges. Whether it is scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians, health professionals, or architects the nature of technical professionals and their work require a second set of management tactics.
Hence this course will equip you with the tips and tricks on how to manage, lead, motivate, and communicate effectively with teams focused on solving highly complex issues.
Starting with the foundation which highlights the characteristics of technical professionals, the course explores the challenges unique to managing technical professionals and proffers solutions which include dual ladder approach, personality factors, dynamic listening, situational leadership principles, an optimal blend of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, etc.
Using case studies, role plays, and exercises, requisite skills are transferred to the participants to prepare them for effective management of technical professionals where they’ll  provide general direction, share ideas, handle political matters, track progress, and represent their team well, leaving technical work to the technical employees.
This 1-day course is ideal for managers and supervisors (of technical professionals) interested in improving or changing their management style
Course Outline 
1. Characteristics of Technical Professionals
-Strengths and shortcomings of technical professionals 
-Do you speak techie?
2. The Role of a Technical Manager
-Concerns and fears
-A new perspective
-Six unique challenges
-Components of success
-Managing former peers
-The trade-offs
3. Dynamic Listening
-Listening at its finest
-Common language
-When egos collide
-Personality factors
4. Coaching Employees and Employee Development
-Why “waste” time coaching employees
-When learning happens
-Successful coaching
-Cross training
5. Situational Leadership
-What are the leadership styles?
-Helping technical professionals develop
-Relating individual’s development with leadership style
-Case studies
6. Rewards and Motivation
-What moves people
-Types of motivation
-Employee performance
-Key motivators
-Tactics to motivate
-Dual ladder approach
-Jumpstarting a stalled project